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Logistics at GAPP

Our company is one of the first companies that have engaged in shipping and customs clearance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It currently occupies a distinguished position among the practitioners of this profession within the Kingdom.  

We deliver as we promise - GAPP is based on the uniqueness in providing outstanding logistics services to our clients through our experience, efficiency, and speed in completing transactions, the anticipation of all possible circumstances that may occur in the shipping and transportation operations.  

GAPP logistics derives its strength from working with sophisticated information technology system; to operate through the supply chain and innovative formulation, detailed plans, documenting and covering every step from the supplier to your door.  

A new base for your enterprise

Logistics at GAPP ensures with confidence that the goods are protected and securely transported as well as to assure that they arrive on time.

GAPP’s warehouse is equipped with the best means of protection and security.

Our specialized and expert team is honored to cooperate with your esteemed company in the field.

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