About Us

Gulf Applications was conceived as a response to the need of mechanisms for creating the entities.

Established in 2007, Gulf Applications (GAPP) is a leading technology value- added distributor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which distributes advanced technology products,  solutions and services in the areas of data centers,  ICT (active and passive),  cloud,  IoT, network energy, collaboration,  servers,  storage,  wireless mobility and power generators

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To lead the way into the Saudi value-added distributor marketplace by anticipating and working proactively to identify and serve the needs of our partners and customers to achieve digital transformation.


Through long-term business alliances, we aim to cement GAPP’s leading position in the Saudi information technology value-added distributor by expanding and diversifying in the Saudi market.





GAPP's team had a great session that was held in Huawei’s Jeddah Office on the 9th of July where we show cased Huawei's products and solutions  including Huawei’s Leading intelligent IP Networks, cloud data centers and Campus Network. Partners interacted with Huawei’s Intelligent Video & Data Analytics and IVS CCTV solutions. Partners were intrigued by Huawei’s Data Storage Systems as we discussed the latest superior All Flash technology.

GAPP's team had a successful session at Khobar on the 26th of June. This session was set to take our Khobar partners on a new journey with the new Huawei technologies such as WIFI6, CCTV & All Flash.