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Gulf applications is a 100% Saudi owned company that is focused on value added IT distribution.

Established in 2007, Gulf Applications is a leading value-added distributor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which distributes advanced technology products,  solutions and services in the areas of data centers, ICT (active and passive), cloud, IoT, network energy, collaboration, servers, storage, wireless mobility and power generators



To lead the way into the Saudi value-added distributor marketplace by anticipating and working proactively to identify and serve the needs of our partners and end user to achieve digital transformation.


Through long-term business alliances, we aim to cement GAPP’s leading position in the Saudi information technology value-added distributor by expanding and diversifying in the Saudi market.





On the 8th of August 2023 we witnessed a gathering of exceptional minds! Huawei and GAPP came together to host an incredible IT Expert Club2023, and let me tell you, it was a full house of potential experts!

The aim? To equip our partners with the most valuable insights and resources, ensuring they stay ahead in the rapidly evolving IT industry.

On the 29th of May 2023  GAPP was hosting The INET,GAPP & HUAWEI, EBG WORKSHOP
where we meet our customers, understand  their
needs & build strong relationships which is the main key to add value to our success.

On the 8th of MAY 2023 We are delighted to announce our latest partnership towards more innovative and sustainable solutions to our KSA partners with Schneider Electric. We are so exited to start this journey and take the business to the next level.

We established a new innovative technical informative approach through an introduction session which was Huawei SCT & Edesigner tools to our valuable partners that was held in Riyadh. 

Congratulations to our 2019 Q2 & Q3 DR reward program winners.

On the 14th of November, GAPP's team held a roundtable workshop that was held in Riyadh. Our team has introduced Huawei and Gapp through Huawei Business and regulations & compliance, success stories & our joint successful foot prints, current promotions and Huawei’s innovative technology.

On 22nd of October 2019,Gapp has sponsored "Rethink IP" under the umbrella of Saudi #Huawei IP club that took place in Hyatt Regency Olaya in Riyadh. Launching thrilling products such as Cloud Engine Data Center and an in depth symposium about Software Defined Network. 

On the 4th of September ”Huawei's Data Center Facility Promotion Program” session was held at Huawei CSIC,Riyadh. The promotional programs was presented by GAPP’s Sales/Solution team that emphasized on Huawei's modular DC(FM800) ,Wifi 6 & AFA storage as the presenters highlighted Huawei's compliance & regulations.

GAPP has sponsored Riyadh’s Huawei IP club event that was held on the 17th of July 2019. GAPP and Huawei’s team discussed in this workshop the latest Cloud Engine S series product, GPON and WiFi6 that are developed by Huawei. A strong suit that was shared is the joint success stories.

On the 30th of July GAPP's team held an awareness session that took place in our Riyadh office that has shared various Huawei EBG products & solutions that includes IP Network features advantages to the ICT market , Software-Defined Cameras and CloudIVS Overview , Network Energy and Storage.

GAPP's team had a great session that was held in Huawei’s Jeddah Office on the 9th of July where we show cased Huawei's products and solutions  including Huawei’s Leading intelligent IP Networks, cloud data centers and Campus Network. Partners interacted with Huawei’s Intelligent Video & Data Analytics and IVS CCTV solutions. Partners were intrigued by Huawei’s Data Storage Systems as we discussed the latest superior All Flash technology.

GAPP's team had a successful session at Khobar on the 26th of June. This session was set to take our Khobar partners on a new journey with the new Huawei technologies such as WIFI6, CCTV & All Flash.


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